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Moving Projection Mapping Experiment

A video posted by Jinsoo ∆n (@blupixelz) on

Tried manually moving the pico projector while mapping to give more immersive effect. This would be great for large spaces where you want to achieve the brightest and sharpest image without having to use multiple projectors. It’s also conceptually interesting to translate the movement into both digital and physical layers, instead of merely projecting the digital moving image.

Experiment with Face Projection Mapping

After completing a photoshoot for a project, we did a quick experiment with face projection mapping using Asus S1 LED projector with 200 lumens. Pretty decent turnout considering we only spent 20 minutes.

Photography: Andrew Yoon
Model: Cheryl Vu

NECLUMI Projection-Mapped Necklace

NECLUMI, a projection-mapped necklace reacts to body movement and sound. This wearable device opens up the possibility of deeper social interactions happening in low-light environments such as subway, bar and event venue where small artifacts such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings are hard to see in dark. In its essence, this is a more tasteful form of rave accessories.