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Yes, Tinder Users Do Exist in the Middle of No Where

Based on Buzzfeed’s article, 14 of the Most Remote and Extreme Cities Around the World, I decided to find out whether there are Tinder users in these remote places.

1. Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland

  • Population: 450
  • Tinder: No

Gerald Zinnecker / Flickr: zinnie

2. Longyearbyen, Svalbard

  • Population: 2,075 (2013)
  • Tinder = Yes, about 40 or 3.6% of total female population (based on the world’s average female to male ratio of 1.07)

ogre64 /

3. Adak, Alaska, USA

  • Population: 326
  • Tinder: No

mbarrettimages /

4. Adamstown, Pitcairn Islands

  • Population: 50
  • Tinder: Yes, 1 or 3.7% of total female population

TheDoe /

5. Hanga Roa, Easter Island

  • Population: 3,300
  • Tinder: Yes, 17 or 0.96% of total female population

Flickr: lara68 / Creative Commons

6. Supai, Arizona, USA

  • Population: 208
  • Tinder: Yes, 1 or 0.90% of total female population

Flickr: fkehren / Creative Commons

7. Oymyakon, Russia

  • Population: 500
  • Tinder: No

Flickr: takens / Creative Commons

8. La Rinconada, Peru

  • Population: 50,000
  • Tinder: Yes, 20 or 0.07% of total female population

Getty Images/TAO Images RM

9. Edinburgh of the Seven Seas, Tristan da Cunha

  • Population: 268
  • Tinder: No

Flickr: briangratwicke / Creative Commons

10. Barrow, Alaska, USA

  • Population: 4,500
  • Tinder: Yes, 8 or 0.33% of total female population

George Burba /

But then this happened...

In the end, it is difficult to determine how many real Tinder users there are in these remote locations. While I'm not entirely certain on why spammers decided to place these bots in such inconspicuous places, I speculate that they were virtually seeded on random basis in each territory using geo targeting.

In the end, one thing seems to be certain. That is Tinder has created a world where physical reality and hyper reality can exist simultaneously. In this world, its citizens are made up of humans, bots and somewhere in between who/that are indistinguishable from one another.

Beginning of Loneliness & Technology

While I was shopping at Super Potato, a vintage video game store in Akihabara, I picked up a bizarre game called "Nakayama Miho no Tokimeki High School" after seeing the ridiculous game cover that looks like Japanese phone sex ad. It’s actually a high school dating sim released in 1987 for Nintendo Famicom Disk System designed by the same people who created Final Fantasy and Metroids. The game allowed socially-deprived or shy teenagers to experience the excitement of dating a girl without having to deal with the anxiety and stress associated with dating a real girl. This was an important milestone in the video game culture as this was one of the first games that lead the dating sim genre, which would become a market worth hundreds of millions of dollars today. Be sure to watch the commercial for the video game below.

DVD Lets You Go on Virtual Dinner Date

For about $8, you can have a virtual date simply by watching a DVD. It’s called "Amateur Dinner Time - Let’s Eat Together." This DVD makes sense considering the population in Japan is slowly declining as increasing number of people are giving up marriage and sex (as known as "sekkusu shinai shokogun" or "celibacy syndrome"). And this product does indeed makes sense from both sociological and economically speaking -- by eliminating social anxiety associated with asking a girl out on a date and the responsibility of paying for dinner.

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Family Gastronomic Voyeurism

It's fascinating to see many single households in South Korea turning to gastronomic voyeurism (as known as Muk-bang) to substitute family dinner time. The activities/topics of this "virtual family dinner" - other than eating - include telling life stories, sharing philosophical perspectives, instructing how to make the perfect fertilizer with leftover food and reduce waste, mixing random foods together, discussing current events, feeding pet, etc. Just like how a real family would; but with a bit of personality and humor.

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